Feb 26 2016

Mobile advertising in the age of ad blockers

What a difference a year makes. Remember when 2015 and every other year before that for the last five years was deemed the Year of Mobile? 

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Feb 18 2016

"Is the creative of the future a computer?"

Featuring Spongecell's Dynamic Retargeting Absolut Campaign

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Feb 17 2016

CEO Ben Kartzman Weighs In On Time Inc. Acquisition of Viant

When Time Inc. announced its acquisition of Viant Technology, a data-marketing company that owns Myspace -- among other properties --  some headlines expressed confusion.

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Sep 29 2015

Adweek Talks Programmatic Creative and Spongecell Client, Coles

This week, Adweek continues to spread the word on programmatic creative and why it’s causing a splash in the ad tech industry. With the progression of HTML5, the industry (and investors) are taking notice of the possibilities with hyperpersonlization … aka...

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Aug 18 2015

Spongecell Profiled in AdWeek

Spongecell was featured in U.S. advertising weekly, AdWeek, as part of their Portrait series, which showcases young, innovative companies in the advertising space.

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