Oct 04 2016

Data-Driven Creative at Scale

Advertising has been going through some big changes in the last several years. While splashy Super Bowl spots and sexy, pricey branded entertainment executions are still important and have a valid place in the marketer toolbox, the foundation of brand marketer programs are...

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Jun 09 2016

Martech & Ad tech Convergence: Myth or Reality?

There has been a lot of chatter in the industry lately about how the distinct worlds of marketing technology and advertising technology are converging. Technology companies, from the big martech players – like Adobe, Oracle, IBM &...

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Jun 06 2016

Bringing Media & Creative Closer Together

Imagine a world in which media, creative, and data came together to deliver the optimum experience for the end user. That is the real promise of programmatic. Michael Hand, VP EMEA, Spongecell, tells ExchangeWire that this isn’t an impossible dream, but it is a...

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May 05 2016

From Autoimmune Diseases to Big Data with Spongecell’s Byron Ellis

Byron Ellis is the Chief Technology Officer at Spongecell, a Creative Management Platform that helps advertisers enhance the power of digital brand creative by leveraging customer data and brand content to personalize ads for maximum relevance. We spoke with Byron about ad...

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Apr 26 2016

Tennessee Tourism saw a 46% increase in website traffic

The Tennessee Department of Tourist Development worked with global marketing agency VML to create a campaign using data to serve personalized pre-roll videos with a vacation theme. The message changes in real-time, based on data from online behaviors, likes and interests.

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