Jan 22 2015

How Data Can Foster Creativity In Digital Advertising

Over the past several years, technological advances have transformed the ad tech industry, resulting in more efficient media buying, more precise audience targeting and more insightful consumer data. Creative, however, has been largely left out of the loop. But as...

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Sep 16 2014

The Last Mile: Bringing Creative Into the Ad Tech Revolution

The ad tech industry has made incredible strides in making media buying more efficient and consumer data more powerful, but the world of creative has, so far, been left somewhat in the cold. The increasing sophistication of media and data technology has resulted in more...

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Sep 01 2014

Why Every Creative Agency Needs a Data Scientist

Advertising is complicated.  Really complicated.  Advertising is the biggest, most complex, highest-staked psychological experiment of all time.  It is essentially an on-going, multi-billion-dollar quest to understand what people want, how they think, and how...

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