Dec 09 2015

Pushing the Pedal to the Metal

When talking about speed, I don’t mean the ability to serve an ad more quickly to the end user, or the ability to quickly change an ad without re-trafficking, that’s a breeze at Spongecell. No, when I say “speed,” I’m talking about an...

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Nov 13 2015

Beer with an Engineer: Ryan Curtin

In the world of ad tech, buzzwords come and go, tech improves daily, but one constant is that a beer is almost always enjoyed while saying sayonara to the week. So I grabbed Senior Software Engineer Ryan Curtin and headed to The Cannibal, just outside Midtown Manhattan, to...

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Nov 03 2015

Introducing CORE

David Ogilvy once said, “Don’t bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals.” (He also said, “Many people—and I think I am one of them—are more productive when they've had a little to drink,” but I...

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Oct 15 2015

The New Class Acts: Why the Next Generation of CMOs Are Turning to Digital to Drive Results

This September, GE announced that digital marketing veteran Linda Boff would be the company’s new CMO, a clear sign that even the bluest of blue chips is thinking digital first. GE is not alone. Ms. Boff joins the likes of Lara Balazs at Visa, Sona Chawla at Walgreens...

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Oct 01 2015

How To Avoid Being The Creepy Red Dress: Retargeting Tactics

We have all been followed by that one product item that seems to track your every move—that creepy red dress that you looked at on a whim but couldn’t find in your size seems to pop up on every website. It’s like the distant cousin on Facebook that likes...

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