Feb 19 2016

Amanda Glen on Building Customer Relationships

In an industry that is continuously evolving and growing, it’s no surprise that solid customer relationships are important to company growth. I met up for coffee talk with Amanda Glen, Spongecell’s Vice President of Client Services, to discuss her approach to...

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Jan 29 2016

Spongecell's Decision Engine and Creative Auto-Optimization Video

CORE powers our best-in-breed decision engine and creative auto-optimization to develop the right creative content for each consumer. Our CORE platform does this by understanding the consumer’s environmental factors, past behavior, and how they are likely to react to...

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Jan 28 2016

Herry Pierre-Louis on Programmatic Creative

As programmatic creative is becoming a must-have component in the programmatic stack, I sat down with Herry Pierre-Louis, Product Manager here at Spongecell, to get his view.

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Jan 07 2016

Firmly on the Agenda

It's official. The art v science / mad men v math men / tech v creativity conversation is firmly on the agenda. At CES this year, data-driven marketing is  a hot topic.

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Dec 11 2015

Beer with an Engineer: Anuj Paliwal

The holiday season is in full swing, festive ads are making the web glisten, creatures may even be stirring—especially here in NYC—and beer is on the menu. I perched myself at the bar next to Software Engineer Anuj Paliwal at the wildly decorated Rolf’s in...

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