Aug 02 2016

Data-Driven Creative in Overdrive

When the slogan “Let’s Go Places” is presented, the Spongecell team buckles up and gets ready for an adventure. We connected with Northern California Toyota to run a data-driven digital ad campaign to drive sales by re-messaging its website visitors to...

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Jun 28 2016

Tennessee Tourism Wins Cannes Lions with Spongecell Programmatic Creative

This April, Spongecell worked with VML to deliver big results for Tennessee Department of Tourism Development. Within the drop of a (cowboy) hat, the campaign dynamically served consumers one of more than 2,000 personalized pre-roll vacation videos.

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Jun 08 2016

Ben Park on Ad Ops and Self-Service

We’ve come far in the world of digital advertising—the web is no longer littered with dancing silhouettes exclaiming “CLICK HERE TO WIN!” But when it comes to Spongecell’s Ben Park, that’s exactly the ad he would choose to be in an...

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Apr 08 2016

Beer with an Engineer: Torrey Richardson

With Spring weather diminishing our winter blues and March Madness upsets devastating fans, it’s time to grab an engineer for a beer...well, a craft cocktail this time around. To shake things up, Torrey Richardson, our Director of Solutions Engineering, and I set out...

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Mar 09 2016

Beyond DCO: A Technical Whitepaper

If you ever wanted to take a long look under the hood of high quality DCO, then you have come to the right place! We are regularly asked to explain why our Spongecell optimization is superior in form, speed, and function to traditional DCO. We have written a technical...

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