Jul 10 2017

Scott Sommer on Solutions Engineering

At Spongecell, our Solutions Engineering (SE) team is the bridge between the Spongecell Platform and our clients. The SE team is essentially our foundation of product knowledge when it comes to identifying our clients’ needs for campaign quality assurance and...

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Jun 19 2017

Native Programmatic Drives Scalable Campaigns

The time is ripe for native programmatic advertising to finally take off.

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May 10 2017

Machine Learning is the Present and Future

Artificial intelligence (AI), or machine learning, is a hot topic and has become an increasingly vital component of data-driven marketing.

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Feb 21 2017

IAB Tech Lab Service of Excellence Award Winner: John Kuo, Director of Product

We’re proud to announce that Director of Product, Analytics, John Kuo has received the IAB Tech Lab’s Service of Excellence Award of 2017! John’s recent contribution to the IAB was his leadership to define, develop and co-author the Dynamic Content Ad...

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Feb 10 2017

Smarter Programmatic Creative = CMP + DCO

Lately, there has been some debate about the specific roles that creative management platforms (CMPs) and dynamic creative optimization systems (DCOs) play in the programmatic creative sphere. CMPs are in effect design tools that facilitate the creation of the...

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