Just What Exactly Is a Petabyte

Aug 18 2015

Spongecell serves about a petabyte of data every month. That's one quadrillion bytes. To put that into perspective, here are 9 things you could do with that much data: 

1. Send 13 billion emails. You're about to make someone really, really happy.

2. Stream 2 million episodes of Friends. Oh, that Chandler—he never gets old. 

3. Download War and Peace 478 million times. That's 478 million chances to lie and say you've read it. 

4. Listen to Dark Side of the Moon 17 million times and, um, ponder the meaning of life. Funyons not included.

5. Have a minute-long video chat with each person in the United States. Please record the one you have with Kanye. 

6. Play 59 million hours of Minecraft. Really, how important is a social life?

7. Record the DNA information of every person in North America. 

8. Download info from the Hubble Telescope for the next 100 years. Where are those Klingons?

9. Run a kick-ass ad technology company that delivers high-quality, interactive, dynamic creative to millions of people around the world.