Spongecell & Flashtalking: Better Together

Jan 29 2018

I’m excited to share with you that Spongecell has merged with Flashtalking today!

Spongecell and Flashtalking are the leading global technology partners for advanced marketers (such as yourself!) looking to execute data-driven creative in today’s programmatic world. As industry experts, we are joining together to create an ad management platform with a market-leading DCO solution and the robust analytics demanded by sophisticated clients. Our combined expertise and technology provide unprecedented resources for brands and agencies to deliver personalized creative at scale. We’re proud to be a truly viable alternative to DoubleClick, without media buying conflict or bias. 

While we complete our integration with Flashtalking, Spongecell’s highest priority is to ensure your continued success as we build for the future. Looking forward to a great 2018!


Ben Kartzman
Spongecell CEO