Scott Sommer on Solutions Engineering

Jul 10 2017

At Spongecell, our Solutions Engineering (SE) team is the bridge between the Spongecell Platform and our clients. The SE team is essentially our foundation of product knowledge when it comes to identifying our clients’ needs for campaign quality assurance and efficiency. Solutions Engineers are always on their toes—accompanying the Sales Team to new business pitches and strategizing complex campaign setups for existing clients. At the head of our team is Scott Sommer, Director of Solutions Engineering, who joined me to chat about the daily inner-workings and future of the SE team.

As a self-described problem solving, tech-loving nerd, Scott says his journey into the adtech industry was a natural fit for his degree in Information Systems at Penn State University (Go Nittany Lions!) Thrilled for the opportunity to join the Spongecell family, Scott enthusiastically took leadership of a team that, in his opinion, is the perfect hybrid of campaign strategy and collaboration with Spongecell’s Product Team to further develop our platform.

Busy schedule aside, Scott and his team always prioritize building on their product knowledge, from streamlining daily tasks to learning about new product releases. Among our latest product releases, Scott believes Spongecell’s product catalog enhancements and new ambient reporting will have the most profound impact on clients’ campaigns. Retail clients running product retargeting campaigns can easily scale to product catalogs of 100M+ items, with the flexibility to make bulk uploads or to push partial catalog updates via API. All Spongecell clients will benefit from our new ambient reporting, which will automatically surface interesting correlations between a brand’s creative, customers, and the world around them. Spongecell will measure performance against every matching data dimension of interest on every impression for deeper learnings than ever before.

The Solutions Engineering team will see first-hand how our clients benefit from these new releases. Scott’s particularly excited that his team will be able to provide even more complex campaign executions to solve for challenging scenarios that clients haven’t been able to solve with other dynamic creative partners in the past!

To round out this group of problem solving experts, Spongecell is looking for a new Solutions Engineer to join the Scott’s team in NYC! Scott cautions not to assume that years of experience are a must. He believes that a candidate’s sense of curiosity and desire to learn something new every day holds equal, if not greater, importance. At the end of the day, the best Solutions Engineers can be problem solvers from any background—but love of adtech is a must!

The Insider Info

  1. Any advice to those looking to get into the field?
    The best lessons are learned from mistakes — never be afraid to dive into new ventures and take chances when you can.

  2. Who would you rather be trapped in an elevator with between Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg?
    I’d choose Bill Gates since he’s spent so many years giving back to the world and seems to have a genuine passion for helping mankind. He’s donated so many resources to bettering our planet and someday I’d love to shake his hand.

  3. Favorite video game?
    Madden. Good luck. (Ha!)

  4. Super strength or ability to fly?
    Super strength would allow me to jump from one place to another and basically let me fly, right? (Always thinking on your toes, huh Scott?)

  5. Access to anyone’s computer for a day?
    Who owns Venmo? I could use a few bucks.