Herry Pierre-Louis on Programmatic Creative

Jan 28 2016

As programmatic creative is becoming a must-have component in the programmatic stack, I sat down with Herry Pierre-Louis, Product Manager here at Spongecell, to get his view.

To set the scene, Herry and I snagged the last two bar stools at Ward III, a downtown spot known for their bespoke cocktails. What better way to talk personalized creative than with a custom-made concoction (or two)?

Having worked at a leading agency trading desk before joining Spongecell, Herry brings great perspective on how agencies and platform providers can bridge the technology and creative gaps to better operationalize programmatic creative. While his day-to-day tasks at Spongecell vary by project, he focuses on platform user experience and usability, including the tools our clients use every day. He works closely with the product and engineering teams to guide ideas and concepts to life in our creative management platform.  

Herry sees that the industry trends are shifting towards data-driven creative, and believes programmatic creative is the natural next step after programmatic buying. Infusing ads with customer data and enabling on-the-fly creative changes that adjust to the customer’s response, or changes in the market, is what programmatic creative is all about. It’s ensuring that your ad is reaching the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

Getting brands and agencies on board to resolve industry confusion around the definition of programmatic creative will help to advance the industry in 2016. As Herry noted during our personalized drinks, programmatic creative requires strategic thinking upfront. We discussed how agencies and brands need to be better aligned on ideal audiences and KPIs, and also which dynamic elements will help to achieve that goal. Setting clear campaign goals upfront will ensure all parties involved are on the same page and working towards the same results. Communication is essential; don’t be shy to pick up the phone and have a quick chat with the teams involved. Even give Herry a quick ring if you’d like.

Marketing is becoming more of a dialogue with consumers, so Herry’s advice is to start thinking how you can begin optimizing your campaigns. With an estimated 67% of digital display ad spend going programmatic for 2016 (and 72% in 2017 per eMarketer), it’s time to get creative.  

As we wrapped up the interview (and our second cocktail), I asked a few quick-fire questions:

  1. What’s the most embarrassing app on your phone?
    *deletes embarrassing app*

  2. NY Jets or NY Giants?
    Neither - Vikings!

  3. Favorite website to get lost on for hours?
    AdExchanger, VentureBeat, ESPN

  4. Childhood memory that stands out?
    Getting bitten by a Boston Terrier. It’s emotionally and physically scarring.

  5. Seinfeld or Friends?
    No comparison: Seinfeld

Herry’s Bespoke Cocktail Profiles: Bourbon, Hot & Spicy, Citrus

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By Lindsay Williams, Marketing Coordinator