Give the Gift of Personalized Advertising

Dec 11 2017

As holiday time approaches, I am reminded that the best gifts you give or get are the ones that show the buyer truly knows the recipient. For instance, buying an older relative tickets to an Ariana Grande concert would likely be an expensive mistake. Buy a book of sudoku puzzles - as is the case with my mother-in-law - and you’ll spend far less and get far more in return.  That’s the key difference between a personalized gift that is relevant to someone’s interests and merely an expensive one that, even with all the best intent, will have little to no value to the receiver and likely get ignored.  

Holiday advertising operates in precisely the same way.  

Retailers bank a lot of their annual success on the last two months of the year. A recent study from Deloitte predicts over $1 trillion in holiday sales this year with e-commerce sales accounting for over $110 billion of that astounding figure. Naturally, brands greatly increase their advertising efforts during this high-opportunity, high-stakes time of year - typically appropriating a large chunk of their annual media budget to just November and December. The holiday season presents an enormous opportunity for brands to sell in the immediate moment while simultaneously developing long-term relationships with their audiences that extend well beyond the New Year.  The key is to maximize that opportunity.

Just like gift-giving, successful ad-targeting is all about knowing the receiver - about sending a message, an image, a video, etc. that shines a light on the products and features that matter most to that particular person. Generic, one-size-fits-all creative is frequently an expensive missed opportunity, but also one that is easy to rectify. It’s not too late to put a number of high-impact dynamic creative tactics in place, even if your brand isn’t currently running a full-fledged retargeting campaign. Here’s some that you can execute fairly quickly and that will greatly enhance your holiday advertising efforts:

With all the time, money and attention retailers understandably lavish on the holiday season, there’s a lot at stake. Knowing the person and customizing the brand message based on that knowledge is the crucial hinge-point between being embraced year-long by consumers or being ignored by them.

For brands and consumers alike, personalized ads are the gifts that keep on giving.

By Ben Kartzman