Ben Park on Ad Ops and Self-Service

Jun 08 2016

We’ve come far in the world of digital advertising—the web is no longer littered with dancing silhouettes exclaiming “CLICK HERE TO WIN!” But when it comes to Spongecell’s Ben Park, that’s exactly the ad he would choose to be in an alternate universe (but run on Bloomberg). Thankfully for us all, this Ad Ops Campaign Manager doesn’t build our clients’ creative, he just masterfully traffics them.

Ben has worked in the ad tech sphere for several years and has seen this creative evolution first-hand. From joining a gaming start-up run by a seven person team, to joining Spongecell while the industry was making its shift to programmatic creative, and now seeing the rise of self-service. While he’s learned from different departments along the way, his focus has always been in ad operations. Imagine watching an ad move from creative production to a trafficking container, then pushed to flights and ad tag generation, and finally going live with the publisher—it’s thrilling to Ben. Working one-on-one with clients and celebrating an ad’s success is another fulfilling part of his day. Ben’s favorite client call to date has been informing them their engagement rate averaged above industry benchmarks—2x above to be exact. Talk about a good day at work.

Ben has a front-row seat as Spongecell prepares to launch our self-service offering that further empowers our clients. While programmatic creative already allows advertisers and marketers to highly target and personalize their audience and content, self-service has accelerated the desire to take control. Ben feels it shows progress—not only in ad tech, but within advertising as a whole. Brands, advertisers, and marketers are becoming more knowledgeable, and are now diving-in and taking more control of the creative they are producing in real-time; even with sophisticated campaigns. (Don’t worry, our managed services and customer service will always be there. We’ve got your back.)

Within Spongecell’s self-service platform, clients are able to dig deeper to see an overview of how programmatic creative works first-hand, and gain insight into it’s power to communicate to their segmented audiences at scale. Not only are they able to adjust the specifics of their creative with our Smart Canvas, but they can also create overarching creative strategies. And if at any time they need assistance with reports, Ben’s there to guide them.

While the platform is intuitive, there will always be questions about all the puzzle pieces that support how programmatic creative works. When speaking with friends, Ben sticks with the general “I work in digital advertising” line. But when speaking with those in the field, the inner workings of our programmatic creative management platform is a show-stopper, Ben states. And we have to agree.

The Insider Info:
Ben’s Beer of Choice: Guinness

  1. Advice to those trying to break into the field?
    Surround yourself with smart people—learn from their actions.

  2. What do you listen to when you work?
    There’s music for each mood: ranges from instrumental EDM to old school hip-hop.

  3. Tell us something crazy about yourself.
    While this isn’t crazy, it is pretty funny. One (sober) night in college, I was biking down the street with a sub sandwich in one hand while texting on a flip phone in the other. Needless to say, I crashed. I was honestly more sad that the sub went flying than about my bruised body.

  4. Where do you see Spongecell in the next 5 years?
    We’ll be the champion of the industry; a bigger pioneer of programmatic creative.

  5. Blue Ivy or North West?
    Blue Ivy (Yep, I asked this question.)

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By Lindsay Williams, Marketing Coordinator