Beer with an Engineer: Torrey Richardson

Apr 08 2016

With Spring weather diminishing our winter blues and March Madness upsets devastating fans, it’s time to grab an engineer for a beer...well, a craft cocktail this time around. To shake things up, Torrey Richardson, our Director of Solutions Engineering, and I set out to talk the perfect balance of code and concoctions.

Based in our San Francisco office, Torrey has carved a progressive path at Spongecell—just like many Spongers. She joined the team in 2011 as a Sales Associate and since then she’s gained experience as a Project Manager, Technical Product Manager, and now works closely across all teams and offices leading the Solutions Engineers and handling all data integrations.

A self-starter, Torrey maneuvered her way around our technology to learn the functionality. As a Sport Management major in college, this new scene was a time for discovery, and her approach to learning the platform—and industry—was technical. She taught herself MySQL and obtained server access to look for opportunities in which efficiencies could be created. This on-demand view broadened her scope of knowledge from the foundation of our platform.

She continues to take this hands-on learning approach today and encourages our clients to do the same. Outside of working with our solutions engineers across all our offices, Torrey’s day-to-day is helping our partners with data integrations. Our scalable CORE platform allows her to work with brands and DMP partners like LiveRamp and BlueKai. Getting others excited about our solutions is the most rewarding part of her role. Showing clients unique ways to leverage our technology, illustrating what we’ve done with their campaign and how we can further leverage their available data and content provides Torrey with an opportunity to educate clients with measurable achievements. After all, Torrey believes the Solutions Engineer theme song is “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.”

She also takes this mentality with her outside the office. While clients (and Spongers) know Torrey as a hard-core solutions engineer, we know she is more than the data-feed life. She is also an actor, competitive water skier, and an Ashtanga yogi. Suffice to say, she isn’t afraid of a challenge. Though she was not always a master of the lot; her advice to others is to ask yourself “how?” and “why?” when approaching something unfamiliar. Asking these questions ensures you will teach yourself something new and grow along the way.  But also asking these questions in regards to your campaigns ensures we are all striving to tackle something bigger and bolder than originally conceived.

The Insider Info:
Torrey’s Drink Choice: Bartender’s Choice with Bourbon and Citrus

  1. Favorite Spongecell Feature?
    Event Horizon: it’s an API polling service that enables us to take action on client data faster

  2. Where do you see Spongecell in the next 5 years?
    “Powering more than ads”

  3. If you could have unfettered access to anyone's computer for one day, whose would it be?
    Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber

  4. Tell us something crazy about yourself.
    I always have nightmares about Chucky. (Yep, the creepy doll.)

  5. Golden Gate or Bay Bridge?
    Golden Gate!

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By Lindsay Williams, Marketing Coordinator