Amanda Glen on Building Customer Relationships

Feb 19 2016

In an industry that is continuously evolving and growing, it’s no surprise that solid customer relationships are important to company growth. I met up for coffee talk with Amanda Glen, Spongecell’s Vice President of Client Services, to discuss her approach to creating successful customer relationships.

Amanda’s creative career began on the account side of an advertising agency where she later moved on to digital production for CGI and motion graphics. After realizing she wanted to be in ad tech, Amanda launched an impressive path at Spongecell. Beginning as a Production Team Lead, moving on to become a Solutions Engineer, next a Director of Global Client Services, and now her current role. Her expansive hands-on experience in various key departments, along with her knowledge of our technology—and its inner workings—provides Amanda with a unique insight into how we can help our clients succeed.

Through her experience, Amanda has found a few general guidelines to follow. She believes honesty should be at the foundation of any customer relationship. It’s critical to build a working relationship where expectations are managed from the start. Brainstorming and discussing goals and KPIs ensures you don’t overpromise or under deliver. It also establishes the foundation upon which you can grow a partnership together down the road.

Familiarizing yourself with the brand’s image and identity ensures your relationship starts strong, Amanda mentions. A little background research and understanding of the client’s past campaigns helps set the stage for success. Amanda also suggests showing examples of previous executions and use cases, as well as sharing best practices. To go even further, giving a “client education” of your products can convey how they may enhance their campaigns or solve other business challenges. Preparing your assets and communicating your deadlines will only help further promote a healthy working relationship. Fluid and constant sharing of information is paramount.

Even after KPIs and goals are met, the relationship doesn’t end. Continuing an honest and up-front approach about the next execution will continue to weave a successful collaborative relationship.

The Insider Info:

  1. What’s your favorite Spongecell product?
    Our Dynamic product, of course!

  2. If you could give yourself a new job title, what would it be?
    Jane of All Trades

  3. Any advice for women wanting to break into ad tech?
    Stick to your guns and follow your instincts. Make allies in different industries, companies, and departments along they way—don't be afraid to run your ideas by them to be a devil's advocate or an outside perspective.

  4. Tell us something crazy about yourself.
    I have a new white golden retriever puppy named Bill Murray.

  5. THE internet meme of 2015: Was the dress blue and black, or white and gold?
    I saw both! It was white/gold at first, then a second look it was blue/black.

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By Lindsay Williams, Marketing Coordinator