About Spongecell

Spongecell is a dynamic creative technology company focused on making data-driven creative simple, effective and scalable by integrating data, machine learning and automation in the creative process. We enable marketers to efficiently deliver the most beautiful, relevant and engaging brand content to prospects and customers across all devices and formats. This is Smarter Dynamic Creative: Data-driven creative. Creative-driven results.

Possible weekly creative variations auto-generated for each campaign.

The percentage of Fortune 100 companies that have used our tech.

The amount of data we serve every month. That's a lot of data.

Where we've done business—penguins don't engage with ads.

Our Leaders

Ben Kartzman, CEO & Co-founder

Anthony Yam, Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Dr. Byron Ellis, CTO

Andres Morón, COO/CFO

Michael Hand, Managing Director, EMEA

Amanda Glen, VP Global Client Success

Our Partners